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About Us

We are Enthusiastic About People

MainStream Media Enterprises, Inc., brings a niche and a fresh new face to entertainment. With a unique creative process, combining talent, originality and unique experiences to produce quality programming and digital products for all audiences. With our strictest adherence to excellence, we focus on underlying, shifting and intrinsic aspects of the American Culture to create trendsetting genres of Film, Television and Digital Media. We are committed to producing highly successful and groundbreaking projects.  We’ve developed strategic entertainment and media partnerships for MainStream Media Ent.’s great success!


Zandra Rivera / Chief Executive Officer

Zandra Rivera has worked alongside Chicago’s finest Latino talent as a writer, producer, actress, and director. She has successfully owned and operated “Hispanica”, a modeling, talent, and marketing firm where she managed over fifty employees. This experience was instrumental in her talents for conceptualizing, packaging, brand building, managing, marketing, and advertising. Rivera hones a deep understanding of the distinct marketing trends and intricacies that surround the complex world of consumerism within various markets, more specifically the “American Latino.” She sits on the board for SAG/AFTRA Chicago and has worked with O’Connor Casting, supporting the casting of various projects for Latino Markets nationally and internationally. She has trained and mentored actors of various ages and backgrounds and strives to positively add to the global media markets for future generations.

Jeff Rubin / President of Production

Disney, FOX, IFC, HBO, ABC and so on. With over 25 years of motion graphics design, animation and video editing experience, Jeff has a solid foundation in communicating stories visually as well as being an accomplished writer. He is tech savvy with a creative yet logical mind and has worked extensively on a diverse range of projects including children’s programming, science fiction series and live music events. Jeff has experience creating both narrative features and documentaries as well as promos, trailers, and presentations. Jeff’s background also includes video game design and Web/mobile development. His unique mix of technical knowledge and film & video production are balanced by his fine art background: drawing, painting, and sculpture. Jeff brings his unique vision and insurmountable talent to the table.

Hal Corky Kesler / Entertainment Attorney For MainStream Media Ent., Inc.

Hal “Corky” Kessler, has extensive entertainment law, corporate and worldwide entertainment industry experience and regularly speaks on the business and legal aspects of feature film development and tax incentives in connection with the entertainment industry, and authored a reference book covering such federal and state tax incentives. The Industry Trades have written that what Corky has set up through Deutsch, Levy & Engel, Chartered is a “one stop shop” firm for the entertainment industry. Corky has successfully worked with governors and Untied States Congressman in several states to implement new laws and federal tax incentives for the investments in qualifying film and television projects, which led to Sections 181 and 199 of The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004. Corky is active in establishing and advising various film funds and film funding sources in North America and expanding internationally. In October of 2012, Corky signed a Memorandum of Understanding with private investors from China for a $200 million co-production deal with China and U.S.

Dimitri Garcia / Vice President of Corporate Sales and Business Development

Dimitri is a global executive, visionary and leader who services our clients with absolute excellence.  He has worked in corporate america within various industries and to various Executive capacities for over 25 years.  Always perfecting his skills, relationships and contacts. His GLOCAL (global + local) focus, creates a well-rounded approach to Mainstream Media Entertainment’s services and offerings. He brings a unique business approach and model to our team, while adding an international perspective based on his achievements in Latin America, Europe and Asia.  He supports, develops and implements strategic, highly sustainable and financially viable solutions for his clients while maintaining their vision and passion. He is well invested in various community, national business, civic organizations and boards. He is a master net-worker and connector and is passionate about everything he does in business, community and personal life.  Dimitri’s personal vision is to serve, inspire and make a difference in the lives of all the people he touches.

Ariana Konhilas – Director of Social Media

Ariana has abundant talent. Published in the fifth grade, she went on to write and perform several monologues, was a soprano for a choral ensemble for eight years, and studied English and Cinema at the University of Iowa. Konhilas has been involved in television production for five years and has produced music videos, commercials, PSA’s and short films. When it comes to social media she represents MSM with her wit, creativity and savvy.