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MainStream Media Ent. is a comprehensive film, television and video production company integrating culturally diverse content into digital experiences for all consumer global markets. We focus on three primary areas; entertainment, corporate and education. We specialize in consulting for productions at every stage: development, preproduction, casting, production, postproduction. Wed also develop and produce content and programming for all audiences and can assist with distribution and creative financing.
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MainStream Media

We are a comprehensive production company

passionately transforming “American Latino”

experiences into culturally rich Film & Television content.

A Word From Our


Mainstream Media Ent., Inc. was founded by Zandra Rivera, inspired and nurtured out of disappointments and frustrations within the entertainment & marketing industries;   born from the ashes, to create transformative “American Latino” and multicultural entertainment for global audiences.


“With the glass half full, I have always looked to the future with hope, as an opportunity to transform the world.”


My mission is to inspire others by sharing my passion.  In doing so, we can all remember that it is by experiencing life’s trials and tribulations that we find the courage and strength to persevere against all odds, leading us to triumph amidst these challenges.  When we have the courage to share these experiences with the world, we are able to witness outside of ourselves, that they make up the very essence of our collective human spirit.


I am a first generation Latina, of Puerto Rican heritage.  I’ve had the honor and privilege of living in the United States, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.  I’ve lived third world poverty and first hand suffering as a child.  I’ve also lived a privileged lifestyle.  The polarization of having these two experiences, has led me to living a life of balanced humility.  I’ve been blessed, due to my parents hard work, to have lived in robust environments, with an exceptional education that have inspired me to find opportunities amidst the difficulties.



The premise behind Mainstream Media Ent. is that “we” as Latinos are all part of the Mainstream.  Therefore, our “American Latino” voice should truly be a reflection of our real lives lived in the United States, rather than perpetuating some forced blanketed stereotype that is supposed to cover 26 Latin American countries, a major faux pa, from our perspective.  Each of these countries, with its unique vibrancy and flavor, has much to share will all of us.


I ask, why not a celebration instead? I do not accept the dealt out cookie cutter, stereotypical, boring, hum drum, force-fed perceptions, I choose to disrupt all of it!  I am self taught, with sheer will and determination, I’ve learned everything I now do, by simply doing it, so the possibility to change what is, exists.


It is by paying homage that I hope to unite us. Our stories written by us, for us, these experiences make up our history.   It is why we must take responsibility in partaking of laying down our “American Latino” accomplishments and respecting our roots, thereby paving the way for new generations to continue our cultural legacy.


Film and Television are ways to chronicle our personal narratives from the very individuals who have lived them, rather than others sharing our experiences from their perspective.  Many times these interpretations reflect a cold, distant, and methodical rendering of who we are rather than revealing the warmth that is inherent of our countries.


This painstaking realization was solidified, when as a professional actor, I myself was continuously put in a box on so many levels by everyone, including Latinos. I was too dark, too curvy, my hair was too curly.   I was often offered roles for the sexy Latina, the gangbanger, the slut, whore, etc.  I could not play the “Mother” because I did not “look” like a mother, despite being a mother of two beautiful children!  I was also told I did not look Latina enough, I did not look black, they could not categorize me, therefore I was “not” marketable.



Despite this, with sheer determination, talent, and some support, I performed on the stages of the Steppenwolf Theater, Goodman, and many others. I had the opportunity of working with Second City and was able to work commercially nationally and internationally, was on major billboards and worked professionally on television and film.


I do not embrace the word minority, I do not embrace “Afro-Latina” constructed as another way to cause separation.   I embrace ALL aspects of me and others, shedding all these labels. 


I know we are heading into a new era!


It is my deepest wish that I live to experience the global success of this passion come into fruition for many generations to come.   And that it fosters the growth and nourishes  those who have important stories that would otherwise go by untold.  And that these expressions of Film and Television give flight and inspiration to many people around the world.



As a final note, I have now expanded Mainstream Media Ent., Inc. to encompass all of us as a human race as we are “all” the Mainstream Media, to be inclusive rather than exclusive.  However, it is important that my original vision, creative seed and spark are honored.  Therefore, I created Mainstream Latinos to give credence to this fundamental aspect of my being.

I challenge you to have the courage to join me, together let us disrupt what is and let us re-imagine and re-create it for now into the future! 


I hope you enjoy our work for years to come and join in our celebration of the human spirit!

– Zandra Rivera, CEO

Production & Development Team


Zandra Rivera

CEO & Founder

Zandra Rivera is an experienced executive and business developer for the entertainment industry within the United States and diverse global markets. A fierce Renaissance woman, Rivera merges her passion with an inventive approach to producing digital media, television, and film. Her comprehensive management style, from conceptualization and marketing to producing and directing, inspires her teams to utilize their own creative brilliance.

She is motivated by the diverse multi-cultural global markets which are reflected in the U.S. landscape. She is fluently bilingual in English and Spanish.  Zandra has worked as a professional SAG/AFTRA actor in feature films, television, (Sabores, The Blexicans, Chicago Boricua). commercials and radio (Allstate, McDonald’s, Ford, Harris Bank, Radio Shack, Western Union, Miller-Coors).  In addition she has work extensively within the Chicago theater community (Steppenwolf Theater, Goodman Theater, Second City).

Rivera is an entrepreneur at heart, synthesizing her deep creative talent and exceptionally disciplined work ethic into a winning combination.  She has served on several boards and supported various community endeavors.   Zandra Rivera’s commitment is to provide exceptional original film and television for global audiences.

Jeff Rubin

President of Production

Disney, FOX, IFC, HBO, ABC and so on. With over 25 years of producing, directing, motion graphics design, animation, and video editing experience, Jeff has a solid foundation in communicating stories visually as well as being an accomplished writer. He is tech savvy with a creative yet logical mind and has worked extensively on a diverse range of projects including children’s programming, science fiction series, corporate video, and live music events. Jeff has experience creating both narrative features and documentaries as well as promos, trailers, and presentations. Jeff’s background also includes video game design and Web/mobile development. His unique mix of technical knowledge and film & video production are balanced by his fine art background: drawing, painting, and sculpture. His lifelong passion for film and television enables him to shape and enhance a project to facilitate great success. Jeff brings his unique vision and insurmountable talent to the table. His passion for film-making compels Jeff to continue to write and develop new concepts, his mind is an endless fountain of ideas and dreams, ready to translate into film and series for others to experience.

Dr. Rohit Sharma

Head and VP of Operations – India

Dr. Rohit Sharma is our Head and VP of Operations from New Delhi, India.  He supervises our Development and Telemarketing Team of Executives from India and represents our strong hold position in the country. He is a Doctor by his qualifications but has always been an entrepreneur and innovator from the very beginning  of his career. Dr. Rohit has been involved in and started many diverse ventures through the present day. He is full of new ideas and energy with excellent management and marketing skills as well as deep experience in India. He has worked on numerous online ventures ranging from consultation services, local social networking Websites, BPO industry to stock market consultancy and more in a very short span of time. He is a young, dynamic and energetic personality and believes in getting things done. He has now joined us in our mission to connect the world via MyStream and Mainstream Media Corporation. Dr. Rohit represents our strong presence in India with a great development team, telemarketing executives, and extensive Bollywood connections.