MainStream Media Ent., Inc. | Premiere film, television and video production company
MainStream Media Ent. is a comprehensive film, television and video production company integrating culturally diverse content into digital experiences for all consumer global markets. We focus on three primary areas; entertainment, corporate and education. We specialize in consulting for productions at every stage: development, preproduction, casting, production, postproduction. Wed also develop and produce content and programming for all audiences and can assist with distribution and creative financing.
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MainStream Media

We are a comprehensive production company that transforms the “American” experience

into culturally rich content and digital impressions.

We CREATE “out of the box” videos!




All forms of  productions.
Development, preproduction, production, postproduction and budgeting.
Develop and produce original content and programming for all audiences.
Assist with distribution and creative financing.
Engagement is key and digital content is a critical component to your business acumen.
Brand based digital media is a necessity.
We assist you in transforming your goals into thought provoking, unique, and individualized on-demand consumer engagement experiences.
Quality educational programming with integrity for your audiences.
Innovative, entertaining and creative approaches to ensure your success!
Ongoing end user engagement.

Our 45 plus years of combined expertise enable us to create authentic,

thoughtful, and intimate customized digital consumer experiences.

Our understanding of the multifaceted “American” experience on a basic level, enables us to create digital experiences that form an emotional bond with the brand.

We evaluate both our client’s immediate and long-term goals then implement and execute a strategic creative plan which generates superior results.

By implementing various research methodologies, we integrate our findings into creative concepts.

We then design and produce digital brand experiences.

Our global relationships within the entertainment industry are of benefit to your project.




  • Creative Strategy
  • Asset Development
  • Public Relations
  • Live Streaming
  • Events & Tours
  • Grass Roots
  • Film
  • Television
  • Video

We Work For You!

We serve companies of all sizes and provide detailed and fully

personalized assistance for your short and long-term goals.

With our understanding of complex

global markets, your ideas will flourish!


Years of Industry Experience


Working Hours


Ideas Manifested


Hours of Footage Shot & Edited

Production & Development Team

Zandra Rivera

CEO & Founder

Zandra Rivera is an experienced executive and business developer for the entertainment industry within the United States and diverse global markets. A fierce Renaissance woman, Rivera merges her passion with an inventive approach to producing digital media, television, and film. Her comprehensive management style, from conceptualization and marketing to producing and directing, inspires her teams to utilize their own creative brilliance.

She is motivated by the diverse multi-cultural global markets which are reflected in the U.S. landscape. She is fluently bilingual in English and Spanish.  Zandra has worked as a professional SAG/AFTRA actor in feature films, television, (Sabores, The Blexicans, Chicago Boricua). commercials and radio (Allstate, McDonald’s, Ford, Harris Bank, Radio Shack, Western Union, Miller-Coors).  In addition she has work extensively within the Chicago theater community (Steppenwolf Theater, Goodman Theater, Second City).

Rivera is an entrepreneur at heart, synthesizing her deep creative talent and exceptionally disciplined work ethic into a winning combination.  She has served on several boards and supported various community endeavors.   Zandra Rivera’s commitment is to provide exceptional original film and television for global audiences.

Jeff Rubin

President of Production

Disney, FOX, IFC, HBO, ABC and so on. With over 25 years of producing, directing, motion graphics design, animation, and video editing experience, Jeff has a solid foundation in communicating stories visually as well as being an accomplished writer. He is tech savvy with a creative yet logical mind and has worked extensively on a diverse range of projects including children’s programming, science fiction series, corporate video, and live music events. Jeff has experience creating both narrative features and documentaries as well as promos, trailers, and presentations. Jeff’s background also includes video game design and Web/mobile development. His unique mix of technical knowledge and film & video production are balanced by his fine art background: drawing, painting, and sculpture. His lifelong passion for film and television enables him to shape and enhance a project to facilitate great success. Jeff brings his unique vision and insurmountable talent to the table.

Dr. Rohit Sharma

Head and VP of Operations – India

Dr. Rohit Sharma is our Head and VP of Operations from New Delhi, India.  He supervises our Development and Telemarketing Team of Executives from India and represents our strong hold position in the country. He is a Doctor by his qualifications but has always been an entrepreneur and innovator from the very beginning  of his career. Dr. Rohit has been involved in and started many diverse ventures through the present day. He is full of new ideas and energy with excellent management and marketing skills as well as deep experience in India. He has worked on numerous online ventures ranging from consultation services, local social networking Websites, BPO industry to stock market consultancy and more in a very short span of time. He is a young, dynamic and energetic personality and believes in getting things done. He has now joined us in our mission to connect the world via MyStream and Mainstream Media Corporation. Dr. Rohit represents our strong presence in India with a great development team, telemarketing executives, and extensive Bollywood connections.