MainStream Media Ent., Inc. | Premiere film, television and video production company
MainStream Media Ent. is a comprehensive film, television and video production company integrating culturally diverse content into digital experiences for all consumer global markets. We focus on three primary areas; entertainment, corporate and education. We specialize in consulting for productions at every stage: development, preproduction, casting, production, postproduction. Wed also develop and produce content and programming for all audiences and can assist with distribution and creative financing. Today, B2C, B2B, and B2B2C all have one thing in common, digital engagement. Consumers are now more influenced by their personal digital experiences based on research and analytics.
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MSMei Consulting

Let Us Become We...Intelligently

Our Team Will Become Your Team, We Will Work Together To Achieve Success

Creative Solutions

Delivering Creative Solutions Which Serve Both Your Short-Term & Long-Term Needs

An Equation For Success

Your Brand + Technology = One Seamless Global Solution


Your Global Brand Identity = Local Engagement

Who We Are In Short

Our consultants specialize in helping you to develop and leverage strong local, national and global relationships with your brand AND its position. Analysis and projection planning coupled with creative strategic marketing and implementation will facilitate your project to grow viably and exponentially. We’ve co-created with various brands to define, refine and re-define their goals and how to communicate their message to their target market.


Building Bridges Where You Least Expect

Let us network for you via our industry global networks. We assist in building relationships and growing your business.

Creative Solutions

Join with others by consolidating, unifying and re-purposing your brand. Be at the forefront of communication. Genuinely engage individuals and groups, propelling company growth.

Order Out Of Chaos

Let’s organize all those notes lying around, we’ll find creative solutions for collaboration and implementation.

Expand & Diversify

Go beyond your limits and discover innovative methods to redefine your purpose, easily boost projected growth.


Leverage and streamline your data to suit your needs.


Solutions tailored to fit your everyday needs.


Seasoned professionals assigned to your account.


Access your data from the palm of your hand in real time.


Sophisticated and attractive user-friendly UI design.

Responsive Timing

No data replication in accessing viable information.


Increase your productivity by identifying spaces in-between & redundancies that hold back ingenuity.


Fully integrated to your system, bridging any gaps.


Integrate one easy, visually adaptable UI, suitable to your standards.