MainStream Media Ent., Inc. | Premiere film, television and video production company
MainStream Media Ent. is a comprehensive film, television and video production company integrating culturally diverse content into digital experiences for all consumer global markets. We focus on three primary areas; entertainment, corporate and education. We specialize in consulting for productions at every stage: development, preproduction, casting, production, postproduction. Wed also develop and produce content and programming for all audiences and can assist with distribution and creative financing. Today, B2C, B2B, and B2B2C all have one thing in common, digital engagement. Consumers are now more influenced by their personal digital experiences based on research and analytics.
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Production + Post
Investor Relations

Fully Loaded Theatrical Film & Television Production

Our services cover the complete spectrum from investor relations and development through production and post to worldwide distribution.

We are a 21st century theatrical film and television production company. An original idea becomes a fully realized feature film or streaming series.

Our team of seasoned producers, directors, and marketers facilitate your project’s success in a cost effective and timely manner.

Development & Pre-Production

The first stage in which the idea for a film or series is conceived or adapted and a script is written. Our staff of talented writers, directors and producers grow an idea into a mature script, ready for production. Financing is secured to bring the project into production.

Production + Post

The fun part, this is when we scout locations, hire a crew, and cast all the actors. During production our talented directors begin shooting! Finally, our exceptional editors begin editing while the shoot is still happening and continue well after everyone else has gone home. Motion graphics, animation, visual effects, sound design, titles, credits, color correction, our post workflow adapts to the needs of the project until we have a shiny new film or series ready for the world to enjoy.

Investor Relations

Our global network of investors stand ready to finance high-quality, financially viable, market-ready projects.


When a film or series is ready for viewer consumption, we support obtaining global distribution via numerous channels from broadcast and theatrical to streaming and retail.

Live Streaming

Using state-of-art technology we stream your event live to the world. Your audience will view your event as it happens, on their computers and mobile devices. From concerts and award shows to live performances and events, we stream your event, from your location, at anytime.


The right campaign targeting the exact demographic, informs them of your product.

Casting & Talent

Casting the finest talent throughout the world to bring stories to life.

Music & Audio

Composing original music and shaping the aural atmosphere, supporting the visuals.


We create magic with decades of experience in both 2D and 3D animation.

Market Analysis & Strategy

We can identify your audience and how to reach them in the most effective way.

Video Editing

From off-line to on-line, assembling the puzzle pieces to create the final product.


Designing and developing mobile apps & games as companion products to films and series.

Marketing Implementation

Taking the necessary steps to sell your product to the world.

Visual Effects

With sky replacements and set extenstions we can make the unreal...real.