MainStream Media Ent., Inc. | Investors
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Mainstream Media Enterprises is currently raising production capital for a slate of multicultural theatrical film and television series.  Our film and television projects are in various stages from production ready, all the way to development.


We operate as a studio with global distribution in place.


We offer a number of unique investment opportunities.


The advantages to investing in the entertainment business can range from tax benefits to financially viable returns, despite the risks.


The global entertainment industry continues to become more diverse as showcased by films such as Disney’s “Coco” and Marvel’s “Black Panther”, both which have tremendously exceeded financial expectations.


Viewers continue to prove their commitment to multicultural films and television series on a global scale.


This trend is quickly becoming the status quo.


We are a group of meticulously dedicated seasoned film and television executives with a risk-mitigated approach to your investment.


We look forward to having an exploratory conversation.

For serious investors only, please email:

We thank you for your time and interest.